Dr Jasper Kenter

Ecological Economist

I am an interdisciplinary social scientist researching ecosystem services, sustainable development and conservation. My main interest is in our values around nature, looking through the lenses of economics, philosophy, psychology and spiritual practice, with a particular interest in how deliberation and social processes shape values.

Contact details:

Summary of research interests

Most of my research is about understanding values of nature and how these values can be better integrated into the way we manage the environment and make political and economic decisions. Economic valuation approaches are important because society has limited resources and needs to make difficult decisions about where to prioritise investment. But they have some problematic assumptions, including very narrow assumptions about human values and behaviour. My focus has been on developing novel methods that value nature in a more democratic, inclusive and participatory way, recognising a broader set of values, whilst usefully informing decision making. I use more bottom up approaches where we bring people from different backgrounds together to deliberate on values and policy options to see if we find shared values and bridge conflicts of interest, such as between fishermen or farmers on the one hand, and conservationists on the other. I want to create new democratic spaces where researchers, the public, stakeholders and policy makers can deliberate together on the social and environmental challenges we face, where we can find ways to really transform how we deal with environmental issues.

Current research topics

Valuing Nature Programme Peatland Tipping Points (VNP Peat): Understanding the ecological, social and economic implications of tipping points in peatland ecosystems. NERC/ESRC funded 2017-2019. My role: Socio-economic lead

Marine Ecosystems Research Programme - Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs (MERP): Understanding the economic and shared values of different policy futures for UK seas. NERC/DEFRA funded 2017-2018. My role: Socio-economic lead

The governance of ocean acidification (ACIDCOAST): Integrating adaptation in marine and coastal policy, planning and governance. Norwegian Research Council funded, 2016-2019). My role: Work package lead, stakeholder knowledge coproduction

Significant past projects

Cooperative participatory evaluation of marine renewables (CORPORATES). NERC funded 2014-2016

UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow On: Shared, Plural and Cultural Values. NERC, ESRC, AHRC, Defra, Welsh Government funded. 2012-2014

Marine Energy Research Innovation & Knowledge Accelerator (MERIKA): EU FP7 funded. 2014-2017

Collective learning journeys to build capacity for strategic action to enhance resilience in climate disadvantaged communities: Evaluating the effect of community participation and social learning on environmental values and future consciousness. Joseph Rowantree Foundation funded. 2014-2016

Current teaching activities at SAMS

Marine Science BSc: Lecturer / thesis supervisor 'Marine Conservation

Ecosystem-Based Management of Marine Systems MSc: Lecturer / thesis supervisor 'Marine Resources

IDCORE PhD programme: Module leader 'Renewables and Society'


External teaching activities

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources MSc, University of Leicester: Module leader 'Environmental and Ecological Economics'

Ecosystem Services MSc / Ecological Economics MSc, University of Edinburgh: Lecturer on various modules

Current research students

Aster de Vries Lentsch: Novel methods for valuing ecosystem services as boundary objects for sustainability transformation (PhD), from Oct 2017. University of Edinburgh

Sue Ranger: Advancing methods for valuing cultural ecosystem services: A subjective well-being approach (PhD). 2016-now. University of the Highlands and Islands

Jacob Ainscough: Exploring the interface between ecosystem services and environmental governance in marine planning in Scotland (PhD). 2015-now. University of Edinburgh

Lina Isacs: Shared values: Challenging the boundaries of environmental economic valuation through deliberation (PhD). 2015-now. Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Lucy Greenhill: Evaluating marine planning approaches as a means to achieve sustainable marine development (PhD). 2014-now. University of the Highlands and Islands

Isabella Impesi: The impact of peatland ecosystem service tipping points on cultural values (MSc). 2016-2017. University of Edinburgh

Seb O'Connor: Finding the voice of the biotic community: deliberative valuation of marine policy changes on the West Coast of Scotland (MSc). 2016-2017. Univeristy of Edinburgh

Jessica Savage: UK fisheries policy post brexit. MSc. 2016-2017. University of St Andrews / SAMS


Alumni research students

Derek Purdy: A cultural value for seagrass meadows in aquatic agricultural systems: Implications for aquaculture development projects (PhD). 2012-2017. University of New England

Elisavet Spanou: Understanding the impacts of aquaculture and marine conservation on cultural ecosystem services: integrating subjective well-being approaches and hedonic pricing. MSc. 2014-2015. University of St Andrews/SAMS


Peer-reviewed journals

Ainscough, J., Wilson, M., Kenter, J.O., 2018. Ecosystem services as a post-normal field of science. Ecosystem Services 31, 93–101. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoser.2018.03.021

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Edited book chapters

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Peer-reviewed reports

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Other reports

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Policy notes, professional publications, etc.

Kenter, J.O. & Reed, M.S. (2015) Taking account of the shared values of ecosystem services. Bulletin of the British Ecological Society 46, 37-39

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Recent consultancy projects

A participatory approach to implementing MPA management. Marine Conservation Society

A deliberative approach to setting up a payments for ecosystem services scheme for moorland ecosystem services. Moors for the Future

Valuing the cultural ecosystem services of potential UK marine protected areas. Marine Conservation Society

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Career history

2015-now: Honorary Fellow. University of Edinburgh

2014-now: Lecturer. SAMS

2014-2015: Adjunct Lecturer in Economics. University of New England

2013-2015: Visiting Lecturer in Ecological Economics. University of Edinburgh

2012-2014: PI UK NEA Shared Values. University of Aberdeen

2012-2013: Visiting Lecturer. University of St Andrews

2011-2012: Project Manager. University of St Andrews


PhD Ecological Economics. 2014. University of Aberdeen

BSc (Hons) Conservation. First class. 2010. University of Wales, Aberystwyth